DIY Thursday: 10 Ways to Dress Up Your Pumpkin This Halloween

If you’re not ready for Halloween, then this post is just what you need to get in the spirit! We’re in the planning stages of the spooky holiday – a time when we all decide what we’re going to dress up as when we go trick-or-treating–no, wait, we mean for when we go to grown up costume parties, because trick-or-treating is for kids and we are totally adults. Anyway, let’s move on.

The pumpkins have begun their annual invasion of the grocery stores, and you’re obligated to do your part. Pick one up and get ready to dress up your Halloween pumpkin like one of these spooky and adorable gourds!


Sharpie Owl Pumpkins via LilBlueBoo

diy pumpkin dressingWe could make the obvious pun, and say that these owl pumpkins are a hoot. But we won’t. Even though they’re rocking their sugar skull-like style, we won’t do it. We just won’t.

Pretty Painted Pumpkins via AlisaBurke

diy pumpkin dressingThese pumpkins are channeling their inner Christmas ornament. The intricate detail makes these Halloween pumpkins works of art, and this tutorial walks you through the steps to make one for yourself.

Doughnut Pumpkins via StudioDIY

diy pumpkin dressingWho decided that Halloween pumpkins have to be scary? Make your pumpkin adorable instead! These pumpkins are dressed up like everybody’s favorite breakfast pastry, the doughnut. And they look delicious.

Pumpkin Queen via TheVSpotBlog

diy pumpkin dressingThis pumpkin has got it going on. It’s not really scary per se, but it’s kind of scary how pretty it is.

Candy Corn Painted Pumpkins via BHG

diy pumpkin dressingHooray for candy corn! Turn your pumpkin into an homage to the iconic Halloween candy. All you need is some paint, and a conically-shaped gourd.

Crayon Drip Pumpkin via TheSwellDesigner

diy pumpkin dressingThis is by far the artsy-est pumpkin in the line up. Melt some crayons around the top of the pumpkin to create this aesthetically pleasing Halloween pumpkin.

Silly Masked Pumpkin via AlphaMom

diy pumpkin dressingCut out some facial features from an old magazine and use the feathers and glitter from your craft box to recreate this masked pumpkin diva. She’s absolutely fabulous, and more than a little unsettling.

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Decoupaged Pumpkin via CountryLiving

diy pumpkin dressingDecoupage, are there no limits to what you can do? Check out this decoupaged pumpkin, and grab some scissors and paper, ’cause you’re definitely going to want to make some of your own.

Pumpkin Die-Oramas via HallmarkChannel

diy pumpkin dressingTurn your pumpkin into a stage by transforming it into an imaginative diorama. Think of all of the different scenes you could depict inside a hollowed out pumpkin.

Watercolor and Gold Pumpkins via NestOfPosies

diy pumpkin dressingThese watercolor pumpkins are a far cry from traditional Halloween decor. But we’re not complaining! These are some of the prettiest gourds around, and this tutorial shows you how to make your own!

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Which of these DIY pumpkin dressing tutorials would you feature on your front lawn?

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